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Care engineering is the result of many years of practice and working experience in construction industry, structural engineering and management.

The knowledge and skills gathered in years of practice became the foundation for offering services through Care Engineering.

We believe the foundation to any successful operation is based on standards and level of care provided to the clients. Recognizing this we highly value our customers, listen carefully to their requests and take the extra step to ensure all clients are well looked after.

Our clients benefit from a continuous technical and engineering support in a variety of project types and our committment and ability to respond quickly to their needs. 

For further inquires or to retain our services please contact us at 905-825-1173 or via e-mail at your convenience. Thank you for visiting our website.



Our Goals
  • To provide continuous professional, technical engineering support and practical design solutions.
  • To ensure all clients receive our prompt respond with highest standard of care.
  • To promote an inclusive, professional workplace and help our local community.


"At the end of the day what makes our efforts fulfilled and well worth is to have a satisfied and returning client. "

Care Engineering & Design Services Inc.


Care Engineering & Design Services Inc.
603 Argus Rd. Suite 207, Oakville, Ontario
Tel: 905-825-1173